Monday, October 8, 2012

12 Days

So there is a lot that has been happening. The funny thing is that as those days were passing in something of a daze, what was going on didn't seem like much. All the same, I decided to make a list of the highlights. As I did, I realized that even though each day hardly seemed like much alone, together, the 12 days in question created something amazing. Every single day included a name or names...people who by no accident or coincidence are part of our lives. And suddenly I saw the richness of our relationships and was indeed grateful fro each of them. 12 days of everyday life equals 12 days of reasons to be thankful. 

Day 1: September 23rd- Brigham City Temple Dedication

So we ALL got to go to the dedication. In order to go, you have to be over the age of 8 and meet with the bishop. For the first time, everyone in my family was able to attend. It was kind of neat to sit in the middle of my 4 amazing children and share something so amazing with them. 

Day 2: September 24th- The Piano Guys

So I found out Monday during the day that The Piano Guys were going to be performing that night in Heber. On an impulse, I bought tickets for Maryn and I since Steven Sharp Nelson is the reason she plays the cello. We made the impromptu trip to Wasatch High and had a wonderful time. She smiled the whole night, as did I. What an amazing concert! On the way home we stopped by Kneaders and grabbed 2 cupcakes to eat on the way home. Discovery: I like pretty much anything with pumpkin spice in it AND my daughter. Huh.

Day 3: September 28th- Football

We all went up to go to a football game with the Thomas family. Zach plays the snare drum in the pep band. The Wasatch Wasps won, and we all had a good time. My friend Brian was kind enough to explain football to Conner, who thought that made the whole evening extra cool. Paul stayed the night to play video games with Zach and Kyle. 

Day 4: September 29th- A Visit with Amber

After picking Paul up in Salt Lake, we ran to West Valley to see Amber, Dave's little sister. She had been very sick and spent a few weeks in ICU. We went to give her our love and see how she was doing. She's recovering. We also saw John and Erma, Dave's parents. So glad to be nearer to them.

Day 5: September 30th- Dinner with Friends

Jessica Wilkin, a daughter of my good friend of mine from Ohio (Anita) came over for dinner as did Marcus. We had corn palak sabzi and homemade bread (which kind of turned into an adventure of its own). We had a wonderful visit! 

Day 6: October 1st- An unexpected visit

Lisa was trying to get rid of an old mattress an thought of me. Thank heaven! The mattress made my back feel way better.I was also being cranky that day, and she went and grabbed Papa Murphy's for all of us. It made the night perfect. So grateful to have her around.

Day 7: October 2nd- A night at home

We decided to watch a movie together. Maryn invited her friend Sherrae to stay. We also had chicken from Macey's, which was pretty yummy.And there was ice cream.

Day 8: October 3rd- Dinner with Deb

I got an unexpected phone call from Deb Christensen from Ohio. She was here dropping off Ben at the MTC. We decided to go out to dinner at Zupa's together. It was a great chance for a lovely visit I was very happy to have!

Day 9: October 4th- Kidnapping Tara

I had a feeling that evening, after parent teacher conferences at the elementary (the kids were doing great by the way), that my neighbor Tara might need to be kidnapped. She's pregnant with a little 3 year old girl who's quite the firecracker. I remember those days and how overwhelming they can be. I just had a gut feeling she might need a chance to escape for a bit. We ran off to Kneaders and had soup, and bread, and pie and talked. And it was lovely.

Day 10: October 5th-  Paying it Forward

Maryn went to the mall with Sherrae and tried to have a sleepover. Paul went and played at the game store. I had an eye appointment and found out I need two prescriptions. This as a result of working in front of a computer all day every day. When did I get so old? But the really great part, is that I was able to go as the result of someone rather wonderful at work deciding to pay forward a debt she owed someone else. I was the lucky beneficiary and for the first time in a while, I was able to get an eye exam. It can't even express how amazing that unexpected but well timed kindness made me feel.

Day 11: October 6th- Priesthood Session (Subtitle: My family is crazy)

So Saturday night the men and young men in our family went to Priesthood session together. The ladies and children got together at my aunt Becky's house. We had amazing soup, and rolls, and chicken, and desserts...what can I say, we do food really well. And then we played games and had a ton of fun visiting and just being together. I also got to have an unexpected text chat with my good friend Michelle from Ohio and make a new friend Lisa brought along to the festivities.

Day 12: October 7th- General Conference

Since we are currently without TV, my aunt Lisa was gracious enough to allow us to come to her house and watch Sunday conference. It was a perfect day. We watched in the mountain room above the garage, where the windows looked out over the bright and crisp day while the brightly colored leaves danced in the breeze. We had breakfast for lunch all together. And then Lisa took some of the fam on a little hike while I got the chance to play their baby grand piano. It was a day full of contentment. That is a good thing.