Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Antelope Island

A quick photo journal of our Memorial Day RANDOM ROADTRIP: Antelope Island. We talked our friends Samantha, Parley and Ethan Erickson into coming along with us.  It turned out to be super fun and cool! Check it out:
Yes. He really was that close. Antelope Island is known for the free roaming antelope and buffalo.
An old truck makes a great photo opp at the Fielding Garr Ranch... which ran continuously for over 100 years!

Fielding Garr Ranch...some green in the desert! The day we went they were having Cowboy Days. The kids got to play fun cowboy games and got a bandanna. 
What's everyone looking at? The birds. Hanging out in the silo.
The beaches and the lake... and some weirdos.
Crossing the causeway. The lake was so still, it perfectly reflected the sky. You could hardly tell where the lake ended and the sky began. It was very cool. And a bit disorienting.

Alexandria, Virgina

So this is just really my adventure. Although I feel like I am old enough now to have my own adventures without my children. I am almost 40 after all.

Do there are a few firsts here for me. This is my first time in the Washington DC area. It was my first time taking a cab anywhere (from the airport to the hotel). I plan on taking the Metro on Thursday into the city to see a friend.

I'm here for a training to become a Certified Call Center Manager (CCCM). First, the content is fantastic. I am learning so much! I already have a dozen ways to improve efficiency in our center. But the area where United Way Worldwide is located is gorgeous. It's right on the Potomac River, and the downtown area is called Kind Street/ Old Towne Alexandria. Its lines of historical buildings...something I just adore. I want to know the stories. I want to know the stories of the people who lived there, loved there, worked there, died there. It fascinates me. Plus the architecture is just fascinating.

But first the hotel. I'm staying at the Crowne Plaza.

King Size room on the 12th floor

My view by day
My view by night.
And now on to Old Towne:

Rows of townhouses. Old Townhouses.

Cameron Street!

Christ Church

Christ Church (Built in 1773)
At the docks on the Potomac with Carrie and Kevin (new friends from my class)
And then there's the food:

Tonight we ate at Bilbo Baggins, and I had the Chardonnay Tortellini. So yummy Last night was at 219. I had the Crawfish Risotto. After wards we went to ESP and I got this lovely but heavy concoction
Chocolate chip bacon blueberry pancake batter pie with a side of vanilla and cinnamon gelato. Oh yeah.