Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Bites

My oldest son wrote me a sonnet.

Oh, Mother, Oh

Paul Willis

Oh, mother, oh

How I love you from head to toe

Ever since you were little

I would never change you, okay, maybe a little

You have always cared for me

You fed me and hugged me and more

Good thing you didn’t name me Lee

But you are something that can’t be bought at a store

Yes, you stress me out

OR make me want to pull my hair

But there is no doubt

Of how I care

Oh, Mother, Oh

How I love you from head to toe

At church, my kids filled out little pieces of paper about their mom. Here are the responses from my kids:


My mom is… talented

She has… my eyes

Favorite Food… tomatoes and cottage cheese

Favorite Color… green

Her hobby… playing piano

Her Best Friend… Sharon Bertke

I love my Mom Because… She’s awesome

I love to hear my mom… sing


My mom is… Nice

She has… blue eyes

Favorite Food… strawberries

Favorite Color… purple

Her hobby… piano

Her Best Friend… Melanie

I love my Mom Because… Cook

I love to hear my mom… Sing

Ashlyn (she was evidently slightly coached my sister)

My mom is… Loving

She has… Make-up

Favorite Food… Salad

Favorite Color… Green

Her hobby… Cook J

Her Best Friend… Melody

I love my Mom Because… we snuggle

I love to hear my mom… say “I Love You” cause I really love my mom

I must be doing something right J Heaven knows what.


A Sonnet for My Incomparable Mother

I often contemplate my childhood, Mom.
I am a mother now, and so I know
Hard work is mixed together with the fun;
You learned that when you raised me long ago.

I think of all the things you gave to me:
Sacrifice, devotion, love and tears,
Your heart, your mind, your energy and soul--
All these you spent on me throughout the years.

You loved me with a never-failing love
You gave me strength and sweet security,
And then you did the hardest thing of all:
You let me separate and set me free.

Every day, I try my best to be
A mother like the mom you were to me.

By Joanna Fuchs