Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Watching Over Me

Maryn got on the wrong bus trying to get home from school in Russia. Suddenly, she realized she wasn't anywhere familiar. She got off the bus.

She didn't have any change or cash to get back on the bus going the other way. 
She pulled up her GPS on her phone and put in her address. She was 5 miles away from her apartment. It was 10 pm. It was cold and dark. And her phone was on 2%. She found a taxi but they didn't take cards. She couldn't find an ATM. 

She started walking. And I tried not to be frantic. 

Here is the conversation her and I had on Messenger:

I just got home

How did it work out? Did you walk? Get a ride?

I walked
And only by a miracle did I get home.

You'll be okay. I'm so glad you're okay.

I almost wasn’t

What do you mean you almost weren't?

So before my phone died that last thing I did was memorized the directions on my phone.
I then repeated them to myself to keep calm and also so I wouldn’t forget.
I get to the part of the round about where I was supposed to take the third exit.
I started walking that way and 5 minutes in something really didn’t feel right so I went back to the huge round about.
There was no way to get to exit of the round about so I started to cry because I really had no idea where I was this time.
I had a feeling to try and quickly cross the street to the left side. So when no cars were coming I ran across.
There was nothing but a huge dirt lot and I had the feel to walk to the other side of it to this little backroad I saw at the end.
There were a bunch of buildings behind the back road and a voice told me to stand in the middle of the road looking out toward the main road/round about
As soon as I did it dawned on me that I recognized these buildings
It was the ginormous apartment complex that Mishas parents lived in!
And that that back road was the one my host family often took as a short cut to the round about and eventually the city.
I just started walking straight back through the huge complex.
I definitely wasn’t aware of how big it was but just kept walking as far back as I could go until I saw an opening back out into the main road.
I somehow got to the other side of the round about, and just felt like I need walk just a little further
A few minutes later out of nowhere I saw the bus stop I was originally supposed to get off at and the road that led to my house.
I was praying the whole time too.
Just pleading to not have to wander through the night.
I just did everything I was told to/felt like I should do

Your dad Maryn. It was your dad.

I know.
I heard his voice.
He told me he’d stay close.
That I was smart and intuitive.
That I would be okay.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Maryn Abroad

Maryn can tell her own stories, but I love these pictures of her having adventures across Europe. 

November 5th - Notice

More recently I have been trying to live by these words; Breath. Sleep. Move. Hydrate. Nourish. Notice.

This was my "notice" from that day. I walked to Spitz for a lunch meeting and on my way back to the office noticed this little plaque on the church across the street from my office building. I stopped to read about how the exterior of the building looks much as it did when they built it in the early 1900's. It was kind of cool to just see that and have a moment with history in the middle of my day. 

Color Drive - October 2018; River Love

Color Drive - October 2018; Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is one of my favorite places on the planet. I find it peaceful. Lovely. Today was not exception. We seemed like the only people in the world at that moment it was so quiet. 

Color Drive - October 2018; Pictures with People