Friday, June 18, 2010

QUOTES OF THE DAY: "The Catch-up version"


  • "I can't go to bed, I'm too tired!" What. the. heck. ever.
  • Or here's a new one, "I can't. I felt Maryn squeeze my hair." Sigh.
  • Mom, you need to stop wasting money." me- "What do you mean?" Ashlyn- "Like stop buying food and just give me $100."
  • (While looking at a box of shells I bought for decoration) "Where did you get these?" ME "The store." ASHLYN "What people made them?" ME: "People didn't make them sweetie. The animals whose homes they were made them." ASHLYN (Her eyes getting round and wide) "Wow! They did a really good job!"

  • I just offered my 10 year old 5 bucks to not whine for one day. Vehement reply: "NO! Because I know what will happen. Conner will do something and I'll get mad and then you'll yell at me for something I didn't do and I won't even last 5 minutes." LOL. Gotta have respect for a girl who knows her limitations.
  • "Mom, I'm going to dry my hair and get ready to go." "But your hair is already dry." "I know." Mmmmm...okay?
  • "I'm so hungry my shoulders feel empty."
  • "I'm wearing root beer lip smackers and drinking root beer. Its kind of weird."

  • Me: "Paul, all my students who I talk to are stressing because of finals. Why haven't I heard you say anything about it?" Paul: "Come on mom they're girls. They're like freaking protagonists." LOL. I think he meant PERFECTIONISTS
  • Paul has started saying (in lieu of terrible expletives): "Son of a batch of cookies!" and "What the French Toast!" I must ask...why do all his sayings have something to do with FOOD?

All Alone in my Home...

So on Tuesday and Wednesday I attended a training in Columbus. This requires my children to be farmed out to others in order to secure their well being an safety in my absence. My mother had been planning a granddaughter retreat, and since that time frame seemed as good as any other decided to have it from Sunday to Wednesday to help me out. Since my brother and his wife needed to bring their daughter up here so she could attend and they had graciously accepted Conner into their home for those few days, they just took him home early. This means I was without child of any kind from Saturday night until Wednesday night. At first, it was weird. Then I made big plans in the silence. Big "I'm- going -to -sort -through- the- mountain -of -clothes- piled- in- the -corner- of- the- attic -room"plans. About Sunday afternoon at 2 I decided to fore go those plans for the sake of more pressing plans; enjoying the solitude. And so I did. I watched movies I never watched, read books I never read, and ignored chores I never ignore. Okay, not never ignore. I ignored chores I usually ignore but was able ot battle through the guilt because their no being done-ness did not directly affect the physical well being of my children.
Moving on...
I had chinese food in the park with Mel and Kirk on Monday after working all day. Then I went to a movie with my friend Sara. I packed myself, and got ready to go to Columbus before hitting the hay a little later then I intended. I enjoyed it immensely.

And yet, I don't think I would trade being a big extended plan...for all of the little plans in the world.