Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heritage Festivals

Labor day weekend, we took a chance to go to the Piqua Heritage festival. It was a lot of fun! Here are some of the highlights:

There was a family there that travels around with their covered wagons. One was authentic and the other was turn of the century...20th and 21st century that is. It was kind of interesting because we have pioneer heritage in our family. Just think, they took all that trouble to go out west, and we went through all that troubel to come back. Seems like a waste :)

Here's the kids in the pioneer covered wagon.
And the kids in the mini wagon they had for them to play in.

Here's the inside of the modern one: comfy bed, flat screen, radio and that's the way they should have traveled to the valley!

They also had some demonstrations. This fellow was making apple butter over an open fire. He said they cook it and stir it for 6 to 8 hours. He stand sthere all day and stirs and stirs. But he was very cheerful about it.

They also let the kids peel some apples with an old fashioned apple peeler. They had a fun time participating!

There was a petting zoo too. This is a teeny tiny goat the kids loved.

They also had a group of tents that were made a little market. Everyone was selling old fashioned stuff...hats, clothes, pottery and toys. This nice man had some wooden tops he taught the kids how to use. You wrapped a string around them and pulled fast. They would spin on and on.

I thought it was also time to introduce them to the good things in funnel cakes. We never really eat stuff like that, so we just got one and shared. One funnel cake a year is probably good:) We alos enjoyed some kettle corn, some maple candy, and lemon and strawberry shake-ups. Those were very refreshing on such a hot day.

Some other fun things we did that I didn't take pictures of was a rodeo and a group of scottish tribal drummers (with a bagpiper!) called Albannach. Look them up online. They were really great. You can actually listen to them on iTunes.

Overall, good day!

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