Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sunday night my brother Rob’s daughter called me. She had a very important question.

“Aunt Chiara? Will you sing at my baptism with Aunt Melanie and Grandma Thacker and my daddy?”

Thinking I was funny, I responded; “Ooo, I don’t know Miciah. I can’t sing with your daddy because he’s so stinky.”

It only took her a minute to reply “Well, Aunt Melanie and Grandma can stand in between you!”

I smiled, and with that assurance told her I could accept her offer on those terms. Does she never call her little brother stinky?

So I called Mel to tell her of this interaction with Miciah, and as we were speaking, my brother’s cell phone beeped in to Mel’s number. She flipped over, sure it was Miciah, and we agreed to just talk the next day.

A few minutes later, Mel calls me back. It had, indeed, been Miciah and she did, indeed, ask if Mel could sing.

Melanie responded that she would be honored to sing and would be happy to agree. Miciah then continues. “I have a questions to ask you Aunt Melanie…could you stand in between my daddy and Aunt Chiara?”

Melanie, playing dumb to the whole previous conversation, asks, “Well, why Miciah?”

“Because Aunt Chiara thinks my dad is stinky and she won’t stand by him.
By now, Mel is cracking up inside.

“Well, you could just ask him to shower.”

“Yeah, that’s what my mom said. I think he should. I don’t want him stinky at my baptism, because he’ll be touching me and then I’ll be stinky.”

Evidently, my brother has indeed, been occasionally stinky J


  1. ok. That's hillarious! (and it took me a while to realize that Grandma Thacker is your mom--not your grandma! For a few minutes I was wondering why Nadine was going to sing... Not that she couldn't, I suppose. It's just not something I've seen her do much...) :)

  2. OH MY LAWS, for reals I am laughing out loud! That is TOO funny!